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Tanya Faglie

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Doctoral Candidate and Teaching Fellow
Sycamore 288P
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Health & Illness, Collective Behavior & Social Movements, Race & Ethnicity, Qualitative Methods

Education: M.A., Sociology, 2018, Texas Woman's University

Provisional Dissertation Title: "Frame by Frame: A Comparison of Discursive Fields and Processes of Human Rights During Childbirth Social Movement Organizations, 2016-2021"

Research Interests: Tanya Faglie's research agenda examines questions regarding collective behavior and social movements, focusing on human rights during childbirth. She is a qualitative researcher who employs ethnographic methods, including interviews and content analysis, to understand the contextual environment that produces social movement frames. Her dissertation addresses a gap in existing research, examining human rights during childbirth social movement organizations throughout the United States to compare their discursive fields and processes and how they create, develop, and transform social movement frames over time.

Selected Publications:
Kwon, Ronald, William J. Scarborough, and Tanya Faglie. 2022. "Exclusionary Attitudes towards Immigrants: Globalization and Configurations of Ascribed and Achieved Status across 14 European Countries." International Journal of Comparative Sociology 63(4):155-183.