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The competition for entry-level, post-graduation professional jobs is tough. Having out-of-the-classroom relevant work experience can make you more competitive. Over half of interns get job offers from the company or agency for which they interned. Equally important, internships can provide you with invaluable experiences so that you can better assess the type of work that you want to do once you graduate. Narrowing your career interests is a vital part of the college experience, and few things help more in this process than internships. Therefore, the Department of Sociology strongly urges its majors to consider enrolling in its internship course, SOCI 4950.

Interested in an internship? Please contact Helen Potts (, who is the Sociology Undergraduate Advisor. You should also visit the UNT Career Center's website for internship information: Another great source is Emily Harris, a UNT career coach, who can help with Sociology-related career prep. It's never too early to start preparing!

Also, if your internship is unpaid, consider applying for the Sociology Unpaid Internship Scholarship so that you not only can earn 3 college credit hours by taking SOCI 4950, but may also receive a scholarship to help cover things such as travel expenses to and from your internship site:

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Below is a curated set of resources for undergraduates. We also suggest exploring career-related resources your campus offers. Many institutions have career or employment centers that offer a variety of services such as assistance with resume writing, mock interviewing, and internship placement. They may point you in the direction of relevant listservs or other places to begin making connections with fellow students or alumni. If you don't know where to start, talk to your department chair or professor

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Faculty in the Department of Sociology are committed to guiding our students in making the most out of their Sociology Major. Please make an appointment with our Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Helen Potts, to discuss course options that focus on your particular interests. Junior and Senior majors are encouraged to explore opportunities for deeper engagement, such as undergraduate research opportunities, internships, the Sociology capstone experience (Applied Research and Careers in Sociology), and directed "Special Problem" courses under the supervision of a faculty member. Students interested in developing their career readiness to apply data and methodological skills should consider enhancing their resumes by completing the Applied Sociology and Career Readiness Certificate.