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Applied Sociology and Career Readiness Certificate

Have you thought about how you can use your Sociology degree in the real world? Or how to communicate the knowledge and skills you've acquired to a future employer? Look no further than this certificate!

Certificates can be beneficial becasue they package your skills in ways that employers can understand. They can also allow you to explore an area of interest in greater depth.

After completing 3 courses that are already required for the Sociology major (Quantitative Data Collection, Qualitative Data Collection, Quantitative Data Analysis), students will choose a course that allows them to focus on their particular interests and will help achieve their career goals. Students may seek a research opportunity or an internship. Other options include a class like Applied Research and Careers in Sociology or a Special Problems course directed by a faculty member.

To explore how this certificate can work for you, please make an appointment with our Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Helen Potts.

To obtain this certificate, students must enroll in the certification program and take 12 credit hours of statistics/methods and career-readiness courses.

Required courses (9 credit hours):

  • 3220 - Quantitative Data Collection
  • 3240 - Qualitative Research Methods
  • 3280 - Quantitative Data Analysis

Plus ONE of the following courses (3 credit hours):

  • 4850 - Applied Research & Careers in Sociology
  • 4900 - Special Problems
  • 4950 - Sociology Internship
  • 4951 - Sociology Mentored Research Experience (with a Sociology faculty mentor)
  • McNair Scholar Program (with a Sociology faculty mentor)

See the Course Descriptions page for additional information.