Faculty | Department of Sociology


Professor and Department Chair (PhD 1982 University of Texas at Austin)
Research Interests: Social Movements; Social Stratification & Social Change
Administrative Specialist
Department of Sociology, Sycamore Hall, Ste. 288
Associate Professor (PhD 2002 Texas A&M)
Research Interests: quantitative methods, health and aging, inequality, family
TA and Teaching Fellow Coordinator; Senior Lecturer (PhD 2012 University of Notre Dame)
Research Interests: Sociology of Religion, Social Psychology, Gender Studies.
Assistant Professor (PhD 2019 University of Pennsylvania)
Sycamore Hall 288K
Research interests: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration; Sociology of Education, Social Stratification
Professor, Graduate Director, Graduate Advisor, IRB Chair (PhD 2003 Stanford)
Research Interests: sociological theory, digital research methods, cognitive social science, globalization
Assistant Professor (PhD 2018 University of California, Riverside)
Research Interests: Immigration, Race and Ethnicity, Gender, Inequality and stratification, Political economy/World systems, Quantitative methods
Administrative Coordinator
Assistant Professor (PhD 2014 University of California, Riverside)
Research Interests: sociological theory, criminology, social psychology, sociology of religion, sociology of morality, quantitative methods
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Director, (PhD 2010 The Ohio State University)
Sycamore 289
Research Interests: Immigration, Social Stratification, Race & Ethnicity, Wealth Inequality
Undergraduate Advisor, Principal Lecturer (PhD 2007 University of North Texas)
Research Interests: social capital, organizations and the workplace, alternative dispute resolution/mediation
Assistant Professor (PhD 2019 University of Illinois at Chicago)
Research Interests: Gender, Race, Stratification, Culture, Quantitative Methods and Data Science
Associate Professor (PhD 2006 Case Western Reserve University)
Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Social Gerontology, Gerontechnology, Digital Health Literacy, Information & Communication Technologies, Psychosocial Oncology, and Digital Sociology
Assistant Professor (PhD 2018 University of Texas at Austin)
Research Interests: Inequality; Work and Organizations; Social Change; Political Sociology; Qualitative Methods; Ethnography
Professor (PhD 1984 University of Virginia)
Research Interests: sustainable community development, social gerontology, self-managed work teams
Professor (PhD 1999 Florida International)
Research Interests: theory, economic sociology, social stratification and change, political sociology/economy, comparative-historical sociology

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