Recent Dissertations Defended | Department of Sociology

Recent Dissertations Defended


Justice Obiora, Herb Users' Nondisclosure of Complementary-Alternative Medicine Use to Health Care Providers, Major Advisor: Dr. Dale Yeatts

Jennifer Knudsen, The Cost of Higher Education: Impacts of Student Loan Debt on the Life Course for Hispanic Americans, Major Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Cready

Lauren Dent, "What we know is how we've survived": Tribal Emergency Management and the Resilience Paradox, Major Advisor: Dr. Gabe Ignatow

Emirhan Demirhan, Public Opinion and Maintaining Political Power: The Case of AKP Government and Social Media in Turkey, Major Advisor: Dr. Donna Barnes

Shanae Jefferies, Does Experiencing Discrimination in the Workplace Change Opinion? A Mediation Analysis of Identity and Support for Affirmative Action, Major Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Cready

Jameelah Ra'Oof, Artificial Intelligence at Home: Alexa, Are You Influencing My Family?, Major Advisor: Dr. Gabe Ignatow


Cassidy Baker, Increasing Mother and Child Safety: Social Factors Influencing Help Seeking Behaviors Amongst Child Welfare-Involved, Major Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Cready

William Kilgore, Perdoname, Madre, Porque Hepecado? An Investigation of Hispanic Catholics in the United States & Their Attitudes Toward Women Being Allowed to Enter the Priesthood, Major Advisor: Dr. Gabe Ignatow

Farinaz Basmechi, Social Media Platforms and Social Movement Framing: Three Text Mining Studies of the White Wednesdays Movement in Iran, Major Advisor: Dr. Gabe Ignatow


Christey Cooksey, The Impacts of Urban Sustainability on Economic Prosperity: Sustainability in the Spotlight, Major Advisor: Dale Yeatts

Alexandra Veselka-Bush, Embodied Acts of Resistance: Portraits of Urban Breastfeeding Mothers, Major Advisors: Katherine Sobering and Andrew Nelson (Anthropology)

Stacey Ford, When Women Swipe Right and Men Swipe Left: An Exploration of the Online Dating Preferences and Desirability of African American Women, Major Advisors: Donna Barnes and George Yancey

Marissa Underhill, Stepparent-Child Relationship Quality and Young Adult Outcomes, Major Advisors: Gul Seckin and George Yancey


Scott Hamilton, As the Need Presents Itself: Social Identity Theory and Signaling in Online Crowdfunding Campaigns, Major Advisors: Gabe Ignatow and George Yancey

Nikolitsa Grigoropolou, Our Own and the Others: What Happens to Perceptions of Immigrant Threat when Value Priorities Collide? Major Advisor: George Yancey

Susan Hughes, Participatory Management and Absenteeism and Turnover of Nursing Assistants in Nursing Homes, Major Advisor: Cynthia Cready

Giselle Greenidge, The Role of Male Fashion in Protests Against the Majority Culture: An Exploratory Study, Major Advisor: Gabe Ignatow

Saman Nazir, Cesarean Section Delivery and Exclusive Breastfeeding in Pakistan: Emerging Challenges, Major Advisor: Cynthia Cready

Mehmet Celebi, Turkish Gazi's [Injured Veterans] Transition into Civilian Life, Major Advisor: Cynthia Cready


Suheyl Gurbuz, Suicidality among Turkish Adolescents: Comparing Durkheim's and Tarde's Perspectives, Major Advisor: Dan Rodeheaver


Roxanne Long, Mediational Pathways between High School Extracurricular Participation and Young Adult Educational Attainment: A Structural Equation Analysis, Major Advisor: Cynthia Cready

Jacquelyn Cheun, How eHealth Literacy Impacts Patient-Provider Relationships: A Study on Trust, Self-Care, and Patient Satisfaction, Major Advisor: Gul Seckin

John Malek-Ahmadi, The Impact of Commuting on Mental Health, Major Advisor: Gul Seckin

John Short, The Influence of Social and Cultural Factors on Alcohol Use and Abuse among a Sample of Young Males in the Army, Major Advisor: Susan Eve

Elizabeth Gabhart, Religiousness and Spirituality: How Are They Related to Moral Orientations?, Major Advisor: Gabe Ignatow


Diptee Neupane, Determinants of Women's Autonomy in Nepal, Major Advisor: Gabe Ignatow

Antoinette Parham, Drought: Construction of a Social Problem, Major Advisor: Nicole Dash

Nichola Driver, Dimensions of Acculturation and Sexual Health among U.S. Hispanic Youth, Major Advisor: Cynthia Cready

Myrna Papadouka, Using Topic Models to Study Journalist-Audience Convergence and Divergence: The Case of Human Trafficking Coverage on British Online Newspapers, Major Advisor: Gabe Ignatow


Michael Nino, Peer Networks and Health Risk Behaviors Among Adolescents, Major Advisor: Gabe Ignatow

Lindsey Huang, Prosperity Belief and Liberal Individualism: A Study of Economic and Social Attitudes in Guatemala, Major Advisor: Gabe Ignatow


Swati Singh, Microcredit, Women, and Empowerment: Evidence From India, Major Advisor: Cynthia Cready

Karen Kaiser, Bundle of Joy: Pregnancy, Coping, and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescent Girls, Major Advisor: Cynthia Cready

Ali Can, The Effects of Social Structure on Social Movements in Turkey, Major Advisor: Milan Zafirovski

Lyndsay Patty, Macro Level Predictors of Community Health Center HIV Testing Approach, Major Advisor: Ami Moore

Wheeler Pulliam, Negotiating Work-life Balance Within the Operational Culture of a Chaebol in the Southeastern United States, Major Advisor: Gabe Ignatow

Qi Sun, Assessing Social Determinants of Severe Mental Illness in High-Risk Groups, Major Advisor: David Williamson

Corinne Ong, Energy Paths and Political Commitments: Their Roles in Environmental Inequality, Major Advisor: Dan Rodeheaver

Spencer Acadia, Exploratory Analysis of Social E-health Behavior, Major Advisor: Nicole Dash

Myron Strong, Exploring the Gender Role Ideology of Black and White Men Between Ages 18 to 30, Major Advisor: George Yancey


Rodney Bales, American Indian Worldviews, Risk Perceptions and Disaster Planning: an Exploratory Study, Major Advisor:Nicole Dash

Sebahattin Ziyanak, Analyzing Delinquency Among Kurdish Adolescents: a Test of Hirschi's Social Bonding Theory, Major Advisor:Dan Rodeheaver

Eunkyung Kim, Churches, Social Service Access and Korean-american Elders: an Exploratory Study, Major Advisor:Cynthia Cready

Shikha Batra, Diaspora Philanthropy: Identity and Obligation Among Indian Engineers in the United States, Major Advisor:Gabe Ignatow

Alicia Brunson, Light, Bright, and Out of Sight: Hollywood's Representation of the Tragic Mulatto, Major Advisor:George Yancey

Onyekachi Okoro, Long Distance International Caregiving to Elderly Parents Left Behind: a Case of Nigerian Adult Children Immigrants in USA, Major Advisor:Ami Moore

Natalie Johnson, Intimate Partner Homicide Rates in Chicago, 1988 to 1992: a Modified General Strain Theory Approach, Major Advisor:Dan Rodeheaver

Julie Cincotta, The Effect of Group Status on Moral Relativism and the Stigmatization of Mental Illness: a Social Dominance Theoretical Model, Major Advisor:George Yancey