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Sociology Degrees

Our department offers both a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Sociology. Information about the requirements for each of these degrees is available in the UNT Undergraduate Catalog:

All Sociology core courses are available in an online format. The department offers flexible options for students who are unable to attend classes in a traditional manner, including online, face-to-face, and hybrid classes.

Grad Track Pathway - BS/Master's Program

The Department of Sociology offers a five and a half year BS/Master's program for highly motivated Sociology majors, who have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA. Students should apply early in their Junior year to this program. Students are eligible for acceptance (at the end of their Junior year) upon completion of 75 undergraduate hours, including 18 hours of Sociology with a 3.0 GPA or better, the submission of GRE scores (currently being waived), the submission of an application to the Department of Sociology - Grad Track program (Conditional Admission Application), and the submission of the Grad Track Conditional Admission Application to the Toulouse Graduate School (completed by the Sociology Faculty Undergraduate Advisor).

In lieu of 2 advanced undergraduate electives in the 4th year, students will take 2 of the following graduate-level courses: SOCI 5150, 5210, 5200, or a 5000-level SOCI elective.

SOCI 5050 Sociological Theory (3 credit hours)

SOCI 5200 Seminar on Research Methods and Design (3 credit hours)

SOCI 5210 Introduction to Social Statistics (3 credit hours)

Undergraduate students who have been accepted to this program must complete all of their bachelor's degree requirements and graduate within 12 months of the first day of the semester for which they were admitted to the accelerated program or enrollment in graduate level course work will be suspended.

Admitted students will take six graduate hours during their senior year, which will also count toward their BS, as permitted by University rules. Bachelor's degrees will be conferred once these six hours of 5000-level courses in the Sociology MA/MS graduate program curriculum have been completed successfully (i.e. passed with a letter grade of "C" or better).


YEAR 3/ SEMESTER 1 (approx. 60-75 hours): By end of the Fall semester submit Conditional Admission Application Form to the Sociology Department- Undergraduate Advisor

YEAR 3/ SEMESTER 2 (approx. 75-89 hours): In early part of Spring semester take the GRE Exam (required for unconditional admittance to GradTrack program- currently waived)

YEAR 4/ SEMESTER 2 (approx. 105-120 hours): In the Spring, submit a formal application for MA/MS degree to Toulouse Graduate School (see Toulouse Graduate School website for guidelines and requirements). https://tgs.unt.edu/future-students/graduate-admissions

Also submit a formal application to Master's program to Sociology Department (see Department website for guidelines and requirements). https://sociology.unt.edu/graduate/admissions

Academic Advising

Academic advisors and counselors are available in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Dean's Office for Undergraduates and Student Advising in the General Academic Building (GAB), Room 220, to assist students in the development and pursuit of meaningful educational goals. Contact them by phone at 940-565-2051 to learn more about Sociology courses. You may also contact the Sociology Faculty Advisors.

TheCollege of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Dean's Office for Undergraduates and Student Advising has trained academic advisors who are assigned to specific majors. The academic advisors prepare students' degree audits, assist majors with core curriculum issues and requirements for their chosen major, and process graduation applications. Students interested in making sociology their major can contact the CLASS advisors or the Sociology Faculty Advisor, Dr. Helen Potts.