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Grad Track Students:

Applicants for the 5-year BS/Masters Gradtrak program are only required to schedule an appointment with the undergraduate advisor Dr. Helen Potts ( in order to file the necessary paperwork. Letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and GRE scores are not required for the BS/Masters GradTrak program.


The admission process to our MA/MS, Ph.D., and masters-PhD pass-through continues year-round. However, there is a deadline of February 1 for preferential admissions of master and Ph.D. applicants. The application process for the MA/MS, Ph.D. only, and masters-PhD involves two steps:

  1. All applicants must complete an application to the Toulouse Graduate School. Toulouse will notify applicants when their application is complete and deferred to the sociology department.
  2. All applicants must also complete the sociology departmental application and a statement of purpose (SOP) that mentions the applicant's areas of research interest and the faculty members in the department with whom the applicant could potentially collaborate. Two letters of recommendation (LORs) must be sent to the department on the applicant's behalf. Lastly, a resume/CV is required. Please email these documents (application form, SOP, resume/CV, and LORs) as attachments to
  3. Once all materials are submitted to the sociology department, the application will be sent to the sociology graduate committee for a decision. Toulouse Graduate School will notify all applicants of the admission decision to the sociology program.

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE General Test) is not required for MA/MS or Ph.D., although applicants who have taken the GRE and wish their scores to be considered with their applications may have their scores sent to the Toulouse School of Graduate Study.


Applicants for the Ph.D. and masters-PhD pass-through who wish to be considered for funding, including UNT's Tuition Benefits Program, work opportunities, and departmental scholarships (click here for more information), should complete their applications by February 1. Applications received after February 1 will be given a lower priority for funding, although in some years funding may still be available.

Additional Requirements for Ph.D. Applicants:

Applicants for the PhD-only program must have completed a master's degree in sociology with a master's thesis. Ph.D. applicants with master's degrees in other fields can request to place out of core masters-level courses such as statistics and methods if they have completed the relevant masters-level coursework in another field. The department can also accept transfer credits for sociology courses at all levels from other institutions (such as TWU).

For general questions about the sociology graduate program, contact our graduate advisor Gabe Ignatow at

For general questions about the sociology graduate program, contact our graduate advisor Gabe Ignatow at

For questions regarding your Toulouse application, please reference their website or contact them at

For questions regarding your application once it's been deferred to the Sociology department, contact us at 940-565-2296 or

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