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Neha Jangeti

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Doctoral Student and Teaching Fellow
Sycamore 201D
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Organizations, Occupation, Work, Global & Transnational Sociology, Migration, Political Sociology

M.S., Sociology, 2023, University of North Texas
B.A., Political Science, 2011, Texas Tech University
B.A., History, 2011, Texas Tech University

Master's Thesis Title: "Coercion and Consent among Employer-Sponsored and Dependent Visa Holders: A Study of Indian Workers in the U.S. Information Technology Sector"

Research Interests: Neha Jangeti is interested in the intersection of work and migration status. Her research focuses on the experiences of status coercion among guest worker immigrants when working for employers with state-sanctioned power to alter a worker's visa status, especially in high-skilled IT jobs.

Grants/Funded Awards:
Toulouse Graduate School Academic Achievement Scholarship, 2022-2023