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Milan Zafirovski

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Sociological Theory, Economic Sociology, Social Stratification, Conflict & Change, Comparative Political Sociology/Economy

Education: Ph.D., Florida International University, 1999

Research Interests: Dr. Milan Zafirovski currently researches social stratification and the sociology of economics. He is completing the edited volume International Handbook of Economic Sociology for publication by Routledge.

Selected Publications:
Milan Zafirovski. (2022). A Modern Guide to Economic Sociology. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Milan Zafirovski. (2022). "Some Dilemmas of Economic Democracy: Indicators and Empirical Analysis." Economic and Industrial Democracy 43(1): 252-302.

Milan Zafirovski. (2020). "Indicators of Militarism and Democracy in Comparative Context: How Militaristic Tendencies Impact Democratic Processes in OECD Countries." Social Indicators Research, 147(1): 159-202.

Milan Zafirovski. (2019). "Collective-Unconscious Apologetics of Plutocracy and Oligarchy: Chicago Economics' Ideological Preferences Revealed by the Sociology of Knowledge." Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 49(4): 499-518.

Milan Zafirovski. (2000). "The Rational Choice Generalization of Neoclassical Economics Reconsidered: Any Theoretical Legitimation for Economic Imperialism?" Sociological Theory 18(3): 248-271.