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Dale Yeatts

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Medical Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Social Gerontology, Complex Organizations

Education: Ph.D., 1984, University of Virginia

Research Interests: Dr. Dale Yeatts' overarching research interest is health care. Within the medical sociology field, he is currently submitting research findings based on a qualitative study of social determinants of health. His publications on environmental sociology focus on practices and policies that protect the environment. Within the field of social gerontology, he has focused on nursing home care and nurse aides. Within the area of complex organizations, he has centered his attention on self-managed work teams.

Major Publications:
Yeatts, Dale E., Gül Seçkin, Yuying Shen, Michael Thompson, Dana Auden, and Cynthia Cready. 2018. "Burnout among Direct-Care Workers in Nursing Homes: Influences of Organizational, Workplace, Interpersonal and Personal Characteristics." Journal of Clinical Nursing 27(11-12):3652-3665. (5-Year impact factor: 2.859; cited in at least 43 publications as of September 2022.)

Yeatts, Dale E., Xiaomei Pei; Cynthia Cready, Yuyping Shen, Hao Luo, and Junxin Tan. 2013. "Village Characteristics and Health of Rural Chinese Older Adults: Examining the CHARLS Pilot Study of a Rich and Poor Province." Social Science & Medicine 98:71-78. (5-Year Impact Factor: 4.592; cited in at least 66 publications as of September 2022, 30% from China and 30% USA.)

Yeatts, Dale E. and Cloyd Hyten. 1998. High Performing Self-Managed Work Teams: A Comparison of Theory to Practice. Newbury, CA: Sage Publishing. (Cited in at least 536 publications since September 2022.)