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December 19, 2023

Milan Zafirovski and 2023: Another year of success

Milan Zafirovski has had yet another wonderful year of publishing thought-provoking books. His most recent book, entitled It Did Happen Here: The Rise of Facism in Contemporary Society, classifies and discusses the main elements of fascism to see if these reveal and replicate themselves in America post-2016.

Below is more of the abstract:

It discovers the specific syndromes of fascism in America post-2016 that reveal and replicate universal fascist features. It detects the main social causes of fascism in America post-2016. It identifies primary counterforces to fascism in America and elsewhere. Lastly, the book constructs a composite fascism index and calculates fascism indexes for Western and comparable societies like OECD countries. These indexes provide suggestive evidence that fascism happened in America and other OECD countries, even if not in Western Europe, especially Scandinavia

If these concepts interest you, here's the link to book:

In addition to this he has also written another book this year entitled The Routledge International Handbook of Economic Sociology, where Zafirovski presents a systematic and comprehensive overview of economic sociology, an exemplary interdisciplinary field which draws on theoretical frameworks and empirical findings from both economics and sociology to present a unique lens on the interdependence of the economy and society.

Here's more of the abstract:

The handbook is arranged in four parts which together present the current state-of-the-art of economic sociology as well as pointing toward future directions for research. The first part outlines the theoretical foundations of economic sociology and its relations to other fields, particularly with regard to other alternative approaches to economics, and looks at conceptions and definitions of economic sociology vary. The second part provides an overview of the historical development of economic sociology from classical political economy to the present day. The third part explores the main problematics of economic sociology, analyzing the economy in relation to particular social institutions, the state, ideology, culture and art, religion, gender, race/ethnicity, and more. The fourth part focuses on the principal branches including sociology of the market, industrial organization and work, uncertainty, distribution and inequality, money and finance, and the environment. The stellar international cast of contributors is drawn from both economics and sociology, therefore presenting a holistic view of the field and contributing to a rejuvenation of economic sociology within economics. It is an indispensable reference work for researchers and students across a broad range of sociological and economic disciplines.

Here's the link to this book:

Congratulations to Dr. Zafirovski for his amazing contributions to the field of Sociology!