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The UNT Department of Sociology is committed to maintaining its PhD and masters programs at the highest level of quality, and entrance into our programs is highly competitive. To those who are accepted and enroll at UNT, we offer an intensive program of study, a supportive research environment, and the opportunity to learn advanced research skills from UNT's productive and diverse faculty. Our placements of recent Ph.D.s in excellent jobs within academia and elsewhere is a source of pride and professional satisfaction. We believe in fostering an inclusive environment where differences are respected, valued, and integrated into every facet of the graduate experience.

The admission process to our doctoral program continues year-round and involves two steps:

1) Applicants must first complete an application to the Toulouse Graduate School.

2) Applicants must also complete the sociology departmental application and a statement of purpose, and have three letters of recommendation sent to the department on their behalf. Please direct these documents (application form, SOP, and LORs) to the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Gabe Ignatow (

Students with a master's degree may be considered for either unconditional or conditional admission based on the following requirements (note that conditional admission requires filing an appeal with the Toulouse Graduate School).

Unconditional Admission

  • Applicants must have completed 18 hours of sociology (at least 3 graduate semester hours each in social research methods, an acceptable course on social statistics, and social theory).
  • Applicants must have acceptable scores on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE.
  • Applicants must have earned at least a 3.5 GPA on master's course work.

Additional course work is typically required if applicants have fewer than the required number of hours and courses needed for unconditional admission.

Outstanding undergraduates without the master's degree who meet all possible unconditional requirements may be considered for admission in the doctoral program. If admitted, a pass-through master's degree option is available.

Conditional Admission

  • Applicants must earn at least a 3.0 GPA on all master's course work.
  • Applicants must have acceptable scores on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE.
  • Applicants must provide substantial alternative evidence of potential success in graduate studies.

The Toulouse Graduate School will notify applicants of the admission decision to the sociology program.

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