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Undergraduate Student Scholarships

Review each scholarship below to learn its specific eligibility requirements. The general scholarship application can be used to apply for all scholarships. Applicants should include a resume/CV plus a short (500 word) essay that identifies which scholarships they are applying for and how they meet its specific requirements. The general application is DUE APRIL 15 to the Sociology Administrative Coordinator ( Contact the Sociology Department at 940-565-2296 for more information.

Sociology Scholarship General Application (pdf)

Leonard Benson Scholarship

Applicants must be undergraduate sociology majors at UNT who have at least a 3.0 GPA and are either enrolled in or have completed at least 6 hours of sociology course work. The recipient must be enrolled as an undergraduate sociology major at UNT during the semesters when the scholarship is paid.

One annual award of no less than $500 will be credited to the recipient's account to help cover tuition and fees at UNT. The awarding of this scholarship is subject each year to the availability of funds. When awarded, the amount will be split equally between the Fall and Spring semesters.

Elizabeth Esterchild Scholarship

To be eligible for consideration for the Elizabeth Esterchild Scholarship, an applicant must possess the following characteristics:

  1. Meet the minimum entrance and continuing academic performance standards for the Department of Sociology in effect at the time of the award.
  2. Maintain full-time enrollment at the University of North Texas, unless they have fewer than twice the number of semester hours required to be full-time remaining in their degree program; and,
  3. Enroll as a full-time student in the Department of Sociology; in the event no application possesses these characteristics, then students enrolling full-time in the College of Public Affairs and Community Service at the University will be eligible for consideration.

Lynne Killgore Scholarship

Applicants must be an undergraduate or graduate sociology student at UNT. Applicant may be a full OR part-time student. If not currently enrolled, enrollment must be anticipated for the following semester. Preference will be given to non-traditional, women students who have been out of school for five (5) or more years.

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