In the Department of Sociology at UNT, we offer rigorous, yet collegial undergraduate and graduate training programs. Our mission is to provide students with the conceptual and analytical tools to examine the social world using a host of theoretical and methodological approaches. 

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate sociology degree focuses on developing a core set of marketable skills and allows students to investigate specific social institutions or structures of interest. The program is designed to prepare students for graduate school or professional careers in a variety of fields, including research, education, government, social services, probation, law enforcement and aging services. Learn more.

Graduate Programs

The department offers the Master of Arts, the Master of Science and and the Doctor of Philosophy, each with a major in sociology. Areas of concentration include (but are not limited to) social stratification, health and aging, and global and comparative sociology. Learn more. 


Our faculty engage in research endeavors in variety of sociology subfields from political sociology to health to family and gender issues. Learn more about their research interests and contact information here. 

News & Events

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Research in sociology at UNT covers a wide range of topics, from studies of individuals to organizations and the global community. Visit our Research page to see examples of recent work by our students and faculty and find opportunities for collaboration.