Graduate Course Rotation | Department of Sociology

Graduate Course Rotation

This is the planned graduate course rotation for use in graduate degree plans. Please note that pass-through students should try not to include 6XXX-level courses on their MA/MS degree plans. If they take 6XXX-level courses it is better to save these for the doctoral degree plan. Also, students can enter "5XXX elective" or "6XXX elective" on their degree plans for elective courses if they are unsure what courses they will take.

Core Courses


5050-Sociological Theory (every fall semester)

5200-Research Methods and Design (every spring semester)

5210-Introduction to Social Statistics (every fall)


6101-Classical Theory (every other fall semester, even years: Fall 2020, Fall 2022, etc.)

6102-Contemporary Theory (every other spring, even years: Spring 2022, Spring 2024, etc.)

6201- Quantitative Research Methods and Design (every other fall, even years)

6202- Qualitative Research Methods and Design (every other fall, even years)

6301-Intermediate Statistics (every other spring, odd years)

Select Non-Core Courses


Most non-core masters courses are offered every other year.


6000-Proseminar (every other spring, even years)

6302-Advanced Statistics (every other fall, odd years)

6401-Sociology of Education (every other spring, odd years)

6503-Comparative and Global Sociology (every other spring, odd years)

6505-Sociology of Gender (every other fall, even years)

Most other non-core doctoral courses are offered every other year.