Graduate Certificate in Applied Sociology | Department of Sociology

Graduate Certificate in Applied Sociology

The Applied Sociology graduate certificate combines formal training with experiential learning in order to promote rigorous, multimethod investigation of pressing research questions. This is achieved by incorporating diverse qualitative and quantitative methods and immersion in interdisciplinary environments. The knowledge and skills acquired in this certificate program position students to work in fields that value combinations of applied social science and data science skills. The courses taken for this certificate count toward the sociology MA and MS degrees.

Applications to the Applied Sociology Graduate Certificate Program can be submitted online at the Graduate School website, under Graduate Academic Certificate.

Current UNT graduate students can submit applications to the UNT Digital Sociology Certificate Program at the Graduate School website, under Concurrent Admission.

Required courses (3 credit hours)

  • SOCI 5230 Data Management and Visualization

Plus THREE of the following (9 credit hours):

  • SOCI 5210 Introduction to Social Statistics
  • SOCI 5202 Qualitative Methods
  • SOCI 5940 Sociology Internship
  • SOCI 5200 Research Methods and Design
  • INSD 5200 Digital Social Science
  • INSD 5220 Digital Research Methods

See the Course Description page for additional information.