Susan Hughes | Department of Sociology

Susan Hughes

Graduate Student
Concentration: Social Stratification
Research Interests: Health disparities, Disadvantaged populations, Mental health, Peer mentoring, Technology and Health
BBA: Accounting from West Texas State University, MA: Sociology from New Mexico State University

Seckin, G., Yates, D., Hughes, S., Hudson, C. & Bell, V. (2016). Being an informed consumer of health information and assessment of electronic health literacy in a national sample of internet users: Validity and reliability of the e-HLS Instrument. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 18(7), e161. doi:/10.2196/jmir.5496.

Seckin, G., Hughes, S., Hudson, C., Yates, D. & Laljer, D. (2017). Perceived contributions of seeking health information online to the users' self-reported positive health perceptions: Mediational relationship with competence and empowerment. In e-Health: Current Evidence, Promises, Perils, and Future Directions, Vol 15, T. M. Hale, W. S. Chou, & S. R. Cotton (Eds.). Emerald Publishing. In Press.

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