Lauren Dent | Department of Sociology

Lauren Dent

Teaching Fellow
Research Interests: Sociology of disasters and emergency management; Global stratification, inequality, and development (specialty in Sub-Saharan Africa); Marriage and family; Quantitative methods/statistics; Qualitative methods
Concentration: Global and Comparative Sociology
B.A., Sociology, Texas Tech University (2007), M.A., Sociology, Texas Tech University (2013)

Thesis: Rape Myth Acceptance in Modern America, under Prof. Julie Harms Cannon

Thesis: "I Want My Kids To Have Great Sex": A Qualitative Inquiry Into Conservative Christian Homes, under Prof. Patricia Maloney


Dent, Lauren and Patricia Maloney. 2017. "Evangelical Christian Parents' Attitudes towards Abstinence-Based Sex Education:'I Want My Kids to Have Great Sex!'" Sex Education 17(2):149-164.

Maloney, Patricia, Lauren Dent, and Tanja Karp. 2014. "A New Method of Assessing the Effects of a Service-Learning Class on Engineering Undergraduate Students." International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship 29-47.

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