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Lauren Dent

Teaching Fellow
Research and Teaching Interests: Sociology of disasters and emergency management; Indigenous Peoples and Native Nations; Global stratification, inequality, and development (focus in Sub-Saharan Africa); Quantitative methods
Concentration: Global and Comparative Sociology
B.A., Sociology, Texas Tech University (2007), M.A., Sociology, Texas Tech University (2013)

Lauren is a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of North Texas. Nominated by the department, Lauren was chosen by the Toulouse Graduate School at UNT to receive the highly competitive Robert B. Toulouse Fellowship, a multi-year program that supports outstanding graduate students who excel in research and creative activities.

As a Teaching Fellow in Sociology, Lauren has developed and independently taught a number of upper division courses in both face-to-face and online settings, including the Sociology Capstone course, and courses in disasters, development, qualitative methods, and theory. In addition to these contributions to the department's teaching agenda, Lauren has engaged in interdisciplinary scholarship and held a number of research appointments in the Department of Emergency Management & Disaster Science and the Department of Geography, where she contributed her sociological expertise to a number of NSF funded research projects.

Lauren's dissertation focuses on community disaster resilience in Native American communities, and seeks to support the collaborative processes that bring indigenous knowledge, practitioner experience, and interdisciplinary scholarship together to build community resilience to environmental threats. Specifically, using data collected through her qualitative fieldwork engaging with Tribes throughout the United States, she examines the role of Tribal emergency managers as 'cultural brokers' who work to bridge the gap between professionalized emergency management and the Tribal cultures with which it sometimes conflicts.

A native of Lubbock, TX, Lauren completed both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Texas Tech University, and subsequently worked as the full time academic advisor for the department of political science at TTU.

You can learn more about Lauren and view her C.V. at,


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Dent, Lauren and Patricia Maloney. 2017. "Evangelical Christian Parents' Attitudes towards Abstinence-Based Sex Education: 'I Want My Kids to Have Great Sex!'" Sex Education 17(2):149-164.

Maloney, Patricia, Lauren Dent, and Tanja Karp. 2014. "A New Method of Assessing the Effects of a Service-Learning Class on Engineering Undergraduate Students." International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship 29-47.

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