Dr. Scarborough featured in online publication | Department of Sociology
June 15, 2022

Dr. Scarborough featured in online publication

What are the biggest issues facing working dads today?

This is a topic near and dear to Dr. William "Buddy" Scarborough and when he was chosen to write on this topic for WalletHub.com, he was happy to provide his research.

Below is part of the article, with a link to the publication:

Some of the biggest issues facing dads are the same ones facing working mothers: For most workers, full-time employment and childcare are incompatible in the U.S. Of course, many parents are fully employed. But it is not easy. They may outsource childcare and housework, rely on extended family, and/or sleep very little. The reason for these challenges is that employees are expected to be "ideal workers" (as Joan Acker put it a long time ago) - fully committed to their workplace and available/willing to put in long hours, respond around the clock, and be unencumbered by family demands. It is almost like our employers are newborn infants that never grow up… But our employers will not love us back the way a child does, nor do we really love them (even if we are lucky enough to have fulfilling work). Instead, employed parents are subject to employer demands because they need work to make ends meet. Failure to live up to "ideal worker" expectations could mean job loss or demotion, with detrimental effects on one's career down the road. For fathers, ideal worker expectations are combined with traditional gender norms that they provide financial stability for their family - adding further pressure to remain employed and succeed at work. Further yet, few workplaces offer any sort of parental leave for fathers, making it impossible for them to be involved in early infancy and sending strong messages about how employers expect fathers to balance work and family responsibilities.

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