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Social Stratification Concentration

Stratification Doctoral Concentration

Chair: Dr. Milan Zafirovski

The Social Stratification Concentration focuses on stratified societies and social strata characterized with socially structured inequality in terms of societal resources such as wealth, power, and status. It especially centers on modern stratification systems, including class and related structures of inequality, and on social strata such as economic classes, political organizations, status groups, racial-ethnic, gender, and related groups.

Many of the UNT and Texas Womans University faculty include stratification as one of their areas of study. Faculty involved in the social stratification concentration from UNT include Drs: Donna Barnes, Cynthia Cready, Daniel Rodeheaver, George Yancey, Dale Yeatts, Michael Thompson, and Milan Zafirovski.


Core course

Foundations of Social Stratification--provides fundamental theoretical models and explanations, methodological approaches and techniques, and empirical findings and trends in the field of social stratification. The course specifically encompasses the sociological concept of social stratification in general; social justice, inclusion, exclusion, divisions, and boundaries; class structure; wealth and income inequality; class and poverty; political power; status stratification; ascriptive stratification; religion and stratification; social mobility; stratification, education, and health; and social conflict and change.

The core course is offered every Spring semester in rotation between UNT and TWU.

Elective courses

Development and Social Change

Environmental Sociology

Gender and Society

Global Inequality and Stratification

Multi-Racial Families


Racial Theory

Race and Ethnic Groups in the United States

Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration

Sociology of Education

Social Epidemiology


Social Gerontology

Others can be taken with approval

Elective courses are offered by individual faculty members according to their teaching schedules.

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