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About Dr. Yancey

About Dr. Yancey

I came to Austin in 1985 to pursue a graduate education. As a young Christian man I was both nervous and excited. After obtaining my Masters in Economics I soon was drawn towards a study of sociology. In the program I became interested in studying the social and political bias in academia. After writing a dissertation on that subject I soon become interested in investigating interracial romantic relationships. Because I was interested in how interracial couples may find spiritual support, I developed a desire to study multiracial churches. This desire led me to become a co-investigator for a half-million dollar grant that investigated multiracial churches.

The work I did on multiracial churches provided information about why some churches are able to racially diversify and why some churches are unable to do so. Several academic publications came out of this grant, but I also wrote a book "One Body, One Spirit" that was aimed at Christians who wanted to reach out to those of other races. This book has proven to be helpful to Christian churches that are adapting to the changing racial reality in the United States. This work also indicated to me that academic work can be used to help churches and parachurches to become more efficient in their service to the community and the larger society.

My most recent research has taken a turn towards examining the resistance faced by Christians. To this end I recently had a book published,Compromising Scholarship, which documents the bias in academia against conservative Protestants. Currently, I am doing research on individuals with an irrational hatred of Christians. This type of research may also be part of the Institute as it documents the barriers that hamper the abilities of Christians to contribute to the larger society.

My Academic Accomplishments

The general focus of my research has been on issues of race and ethnicity. Over time I have published several articles on interracial romance and multiracial churches. The work on multiracial churches is particularly interesting since there was very little work on this subject when I first started investigating it. I have stayed in academic long enough to see a second wave of scholars who are now pushing the boundaries of what we know of such churches and to provide us with more information about why such churches succeed and how they affect our society. However my more recent work concerns the presence of anti-Christian bias in our society.

In addition to my academic publications, I have also supported scholarship through organizing research sessions and reviewing relevant work. I am also currently working with some Christian sociology graduate students and helping them to obtain their place in academia. For example, I have helped Christian graduate students obtain the sort of publications that will be necessary for them to succeed in academia.

Personal Service

I currently am the faculty advisor for a Christian graduate student organization. The purpose of this organization is to provide social and spiritual support for Christians in graduate school. I am also active in my local church and help serve the community through that church. Finally, I work with a network of multiracial congregations in an effort to support Christian work on issues of racial reconciliation and multiracial ministry.

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