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Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

Nine hours is considered full-time in graduate school. For the academic year 2017-2018, the cost of graduate in-state tuition and fees for 9 hours at the University of North Texas is $3,582.65. Out-of-state tuition and fees for 9 hours are $7,317.65.

The cost of living in Denton and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth "Metroplex" are very favorable compared to the rest of the United States. The average composite cost-of-living index in the United States is 100; the cost of living in the Dallas-Fort Worth region is 95.8, Atlanta is 97.2, Boston 133.6, Denver 105.0, Los Angeles 147.7, Miami 116.6, New York 219.8, San Francisco 172.1, and Seattle 123.0.

Financial Aid

The Department of Sociology offers financial aid in various forms. First, a small number of students in each incoming cohort are offered a graduate assistantship position. For 2017-2018, pay for this position ranges from $12,559 to $16,992 depending on the student's progress through the program. Incoming assistantships may also come with a tuition scholarship that covers the costs of tuition for the student, and may include employee health care benefits, significantly raising the value of these assistantships. Students who receive these assistantships will be expected to assist faculty members with their research, and eventually to teach their own undergraduate courses.

Other graduate students may be hired as tutor-graders. These students also assist faculty members, but they do not teach classes. This position pays $17.00 an hour up to 19 hours/week. Tutor-grader positions do not provide health care benefits or waive non-resident tuition for students whose residency is outside of Texas. Often students who were unable to be hired in an assistantship position are hired as a tutor-grader. Students who have performed well as tutor-graders are often given priority consideration when graduate assistantship positions become available.

A $1,000 Academic Achievement Scholarship that includes a waiver for out-of-state tuition costs is available for incoming Ph.D students. However, the scholarship and waiver are not granted automatically; admitted students must apply for the scholarship at the following site:


Finally, there are several other scholarships for which students may apply. Also, at times faculty members receive external funding for their research. When this occurs, these faculty members often hire graduate students to work on their projects. Those students are compensated at the assistantship rate.

Click on each scholarship below to view its specific eligibility requirements. The general scholarship application can be used to apply for all scholarships. Applicants should include a resume/CV plus a short (500 word) essay that identifies which scholarships they are applying for and how they meet its specific requirements. The general application is DUE APRIL 15 to the Sociology Administrative Coordinator ( Contact the Sociology Department at 940-565-2296 for more information.

Sociology Scholarship General Application (pdf)

Graduate Student Scholarships

  • Also, available: Teaching Fellowships, Teaching Assistantships, Tutor-Graderships.

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