PhD Concentrations | Department of Sociology

PhD Concentrations

The Sociology doctoral program requires students to choose major and minor areas of research concentration. For the major concentration area, 12 semester hours (4 courses) must be successfully completed, of which at least 6 hours are at the 6000-level. Doctoral students are required to take the core course in the concentration area they have chosen, although the core course is not a prerequisite for taking other concentration courses. Readings courses (SOC5900 or SOC6900) cannot be used to satisfy these requirements.

For the minor concentration area, students must successfully complete a minimum of 12 semester hours in a second sociology concentration or a related minor field. The second concentration may be one of the department's doctoral concentrations or a specialized concentration constructed by the student that is approved by all members of the student's advisory committee. The four courses taken for the secondary concentration must also be approved by the student's advisory committee. No more than one readings course (SOC5900 or SOC6900) may be taken to satisfy these requirements.

The department's three doctoral concentration areas include:

Comparative and Global Sociology

Social Stratification

Health and Aging

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