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Select recent articles by UNT sociologists:


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------. "Older People Living with HIV/AIDS (OPLWHA) in Lomẻ, Togo: Personal Networks and Disclosure of Serostatus." Ageing International.

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------. 2013b. "Beneath Rational Choice: Elements of 'irrational Choice Theory.'" Current Sociology 61 (1): 3-21.

------. 2013c. "The Sociological Core vs. The Historical Component of the Weber Thesis: Some Deviant Cases Revisited." Current Perspectives in Social Theory 31: 75-128.

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----------------. 2011. "National Identity and the Informational Welfare State: Turkey and Malaysia Compared." The Information Society 27(3): 158-171.

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------------------. 2010. "The Merton Theorem Revisited and Restated: Conservatism and Fascism as Functional Analogues." The American Sociologist 41(2):142-173.

------------------. 2010. "Protestantism and Authoritarianism: Weber's Secondary Problem." Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 40(2):162-189.

------------------. 2010. "'All in the Extended Family': The Pandora's Box of Conservatism and Fascism Reopened." International Review of Sociology 20(2):189-213.

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